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Posted on: 05-11-14
Toenail Protection

Toenail infection and fungus is a condition that podiatrists come across quite often. The problem gets deeper and the nails bear a crumbly appearance. The fungus attack is usually found on the nail bed and also in the cuticle area.
Always make sure that you keep your toenails clean and neat. Here is how you could do that:

Practice good hygiene:
Toenail fungus can be kept at bay by keeping your feet clean and by taking bath everyday. Take bath regularly and once in a month opt for pedicure. Make sure that you completely dry up your feet around the nails too.

Change your socks and shoes as per the need:
Keep changing your socks frequently. This would help keep your feet dry and less prone to infections. Always keep an extra pair of socks with you, in-case if it gets moist during the day.

Alternate your shoes:
If you are prone to fungal infections, experts recommend to have several pairs of shoes and alternating them. This would help your shoes to get dry completely between each wearings. Refrain from creating a breeding atmosphere for the fungus to grow and multiply.

Spray shoes with disinfectant:
Disinfectant spray could always help you stay free from fungal spores that might linger inside your shoes and cause an infection.

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