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Sex and Health
Posted on: 11-01-16
Sexuality and migration

Sexuality is a regime of power that thoroughly shapes families, communities, state institutions, and economies; and it underscores that sexual norms, struggles and forms of governance always articulate hierarchies of gender, race, class and geo Read more

Sex and Health
Posted on: 21-12-15
Moderate drinking for better erections

Alcohol consumption has got its direct impact in reproductive capacity of males. Though alcohol enhances the mood, it affects sperm quality and sperm movement in long run.

The male reproductive system consists of the hypothalamu Read more

Sex and Health
Posted on: 21-12-15
Reproduction is no more a dream to same sex couples

Advanced research explores the possibility of using a new technique for human reproduction and its ethical and practical implications. The method can create the possibility of same-sex couples having children biologically related to both partne Read more
sexually transmitted diseases

Sex and Health
Posted on: 14-05-15
Sexually transmitted diseases

It is not necessary to be engage in sexual acts to get Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Direct contact to skin contact is sufficient to spread human papilloma virus, the infection that develops genital warts. A few sorts of warts are generally sa Read more

Sex and Health
Posted on: 12-05-15
The truth about condoms

The most widely recognized condom mistakes: You may be somewhat get abstracted when you are using condoms. Take a couple of seconds to verify everything is set up. Regularly, individuals begin to put the condom on back to front and after Read more
sex busters

Sex and Health
Posted on: 08-05-15
Few sex busters

A few individuals do numerous things well when they are pushed. Feeling hot ordinarily is not one of them. Stress at work or home or seeing someone can happen to anybody. Figuring out how to handle it in a sound manner truly makes a difference. Read more
sex myths

Sex and Health
Posted on: 04-05-15
5 myths about sex

Frequency of sex by a couple in a year
As indicated in a Research, the normal a couple engages in sexual act in an average of 66 times each year. In rare cases some may reach more than hundred to hundred and ten times a year. The Read more
erectile dysfunction

Sex and Health
Posted on: 28-04-15
Challenging Erectile Dysfunction

The mind is a regularly neglected area of the body especially sensitive to sexual stimulation. Sexual energy begins in your mind and works some or other way down. Unhappy mind can wash your desire out and can prompt Read more
hinge exercise

Sex and Health
Posted on: 02-04-15
5 Exercises to delight your partner on bed

Being physically active delight you and your partner. Activities that make your heart beat faster and hardens your breath can improve blood flow, including under regions. This is equally important for both sexes for prominent arousal for ladies Read more
pregnancy prevention

Sex and Health
Posted on: 01-04-15
Safe birth control options

Birth Control: How to Decide
There are many options available for birth control, but choosing the right one is sometime is difficult, some seems Read more
perfect partner

Sex and Health
Posted on: 20-01-15
Signs of a perfect sex partner

The love making act becomes perfect only when you do it with the right person, the one whom you love the most. When it comes to a perfect partner, some attributes such as height, weight, age, behaviour, choices etc stand a bit apart. What actua Read more
healthy sex

Sex and Health
Posted on: 09-01-15
Reasons to have sex right now

A healthy sex life always provides you with mental, psychological and emotional health but it can also help you keep away from certain diseases and ailments too. Proper indulgence in sexual activities provides you with pleasure and mental satis Read more
fix relationships

Sex and Health
Posted on: 08-01-15
6 Ways you can fix your relationship

If you have an impeding feeling that your relationship is on the docks, this is the correct time to work on it to make it better. Here are some ways you could achieve this:

1. Figure out the problem: One of the first few way Read more

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