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Posted on: 09-01-15
Asafoetida - The Wonder Spice

Asafoetida is available both in powder as well as tincture form and also as lumps that resembles wax-like texture. When asafoetida is slightly fried in hot oil, it tends to lose it's pungent smell. It is known to possess anti flatulent, antiepileptic, antimicrobial, anti inflammatory, antispasmodic, anthelminthic, laxative, nerve stimulant and expectorant properties.

It also acts as a stimulant of mucous membranes, mostly in the alimentary tract. It has also got sedative qualities too. It works as local stimulant present in the mucous membrane present in the alimentary tract. It lessens the chances of getting blood pressure and also tends to calms down the anxiety levels due to it's sedative qualities.

Some of the simple techniques that you could follow in order to get good health benefits are as follows:
1. Take one teaspoon each of asafoetida, dried ginger, camphor and two teaspoons of tailed pepper (cubeb). Add some milk in it, enough to form a paste. Apply this therapeutic paste on your forehead to heal tension and migraine headaches.

2. In two teaspoons of honey add a quarter teaspoon of asafoetida and half a teaspoon of lemon each. Have this medicinal mixture three times a day to deal with symptoms of asthma and other such related respiratory disorders.

3. Mix half teaspoon of asafoetida powder in about two teaspoons of lime juice. Heat the solution a bit and then dip a cotton ball to this solution and place it on your tooth area where you feel the pain. This would give you instant relief from pain.

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